Buying a replacement Laptop keyboard

  bturner 02 Apr 12

Hi all,

I spilt a drink on my Laptop keyboard and had to take it out as it typing random letters all the time.

I am currently using a wireless keyboard with dongle.

Where is the best place to get a new Packard Bell Easynote keyboard and which numbers are needed? Model Number MP-09B26GB-6981 P/N: PK130C83007 S/N: 01031417765M KB KB1170G1960360449D1600

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 02 Apr 12
  compumac 02 Apr 12

Fruit Bat/\0/.

I think that the price shown on your link would only refer to the individual replacement keys and not the full keyboard. I recently obtained a replacement keyboard for my EasyNote and I obtained it at a price of £50. Mine was not the same EasyNote model as bturner's though. I had paid about £4 for individual replacement keys.

  compumac 02 Apr 12

Fruit Bat/\0/\

Should have read your reply properly. You said "here". Not "this here" I misunderstood your reply. Apologies

  Input Overload 02 Apr 12


I have bought a couple of DELL keyboards for laptops off EBay with no problems - Worth checking feedback carefully of couse.

  robin_x 02 Apr 12

Also check correct country spec ie UK.

Easy to buy a cheap US one. Or at least I nearly have.

  markd71 02 Apr 12

Soak the keyboard in warm soapy water, rinse with warm water, wrap in a towel and leave in hotpress for a week or so, To test, seal it in a plastic bag and return to hotpress for a few hours, if no condensation you're good to go. Repeat if necessary.

  KRONOS the First 03 Apr 12

What is a hotpress?

  markd71 03 Apr 12

An airing cupboard..... where the immersion heater is.. hot-water tank

  bturner 03 Apr 12

Many thanks for all the helpful replies.

  bturner 03 Apr 12

Just wondering if anyone has experience with this company, I think they are in Hong Kong and I am in the UK.


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