Buying a printer in US?

  solano 13:35 24 Oct 03

Forgive my ignorance......I'm going to Florida next week and was wondering if I bought a printer out there whether it would work ok in blighty. Looking at a Xerox Color laser and the price differential is huge ($ is v weak at present). I know there is an issue with power supply but is this surmountable? Any other issues I should be aware of? thanks!


  graham√ 13:47 24 Oct 03

You would need a transformer and a cycle changer, unless it was a dual voltage model.

  graham√ 13:50 24 Oct 03

Or is the US now 50cps?

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  The Spires 13:54 24 Oct 03

Still 6oHz, the most available transformers are the bright yellow ones builders use, heavy expensive & may not go with the decor.

  solano 13:55 24 Oct 03

Not sure that would fit in the office!!

  graham√ 15:00 24 Oct 03

I should ring Xerox technical support on 0870 873 3837 and ask about the frequency issue.

Or wait until you get to Florida and ask them.

If they're not compatible, transformers and frequency changers are very expensive (and noisy!). Service and repair would be a problem also.

Good job you asked!

  mdshamilton 15:10 24 Oct 03

From Maplin:

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Save £20.00 when you buy this UK to USA Voltage Convertor 200W. Now only £29.99. Fantastic Value!
· Allows you to operate USA equipment in the UK
· Robust desktop ABS housings
· Portable
· Thermal fuse protection
· Output sockets UL/CSA listed
Input voltage: 230Vac/50Hz
Output voltage: 110Vac (Rated)
Order Rated output Rated output
code current Power Dimensions
VR02C 909mA 100VA 115 x 83 x 67.2mm
VR03D 1818mA 200VA 198 x 136 x 96mm
VR05F 2727mA 300VA 198 x 136 x 96mm

  Diemmess 15:16 24 Oct 03

Customs duty payable - I think on this value package, and probably VAT as well! ............ Hardly something you can slip in your back pocket and pretend innocence!

Warranty cover just might be difficult too.

  mdshamilton 15:27 24 Oct 03

If you buy the colour printer turn the box inside out before bringing it home to the UK. For the most part the people at customs leave you alone when going through the green channel unless it's apparent you're bringing a high value item in. I brought a new mountain bike here from the US in June with no problems, and my dad brought a new Mac and printer in as well.

We all pay so much tax as it is. Gordon Brown would hardly notice.

Most IT manufacturers sell with a global 1 yr warranty. Does the information on the Xerox site tell you whether it's a dual voltage printer?

  solano 15:33 24 Oct 03

I had thought about the customs issue....was going to make sure it was out of the packaging and looking used - how would they know it was new?

I am not committed to buying a xerox but cannot find any info when searching google for dual voltage printers as an alternative - any ideas?

  mdshamilton 15:52 24 Oct 03

Xerox's site has the ability to view PDF docs on each printer. Don't know what this means though for the Phaser 8200: Electrical 90-264 VAC, 50/60Hz, Consumption: 175 W avg/1000 W max.

Best thing is probably to have a look at the printers in the US shop and see if it says something on the back like 110~240 V. Otherwise be prepared to buy the US-UK transformer. You could always email or call the manufacturer.

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