buying new pc

  mattgedd 22:39 31 Oct 11

made a list of things i think r important in a pc:

hd (have HD monitor)

windows - windows 7

last as long as possible (had this one 5 years)

run smooth - lots of ram?

games - medium/low level - decent graphics. (i play xbox.)

music making - good soundcard

small internal hard drive (could i use this one?)

upgradable (for longer life)

have monitor

have external harddrive

dont need disc drive - could add later?

i mainly use my computer as a music player, and internet browser. also watch movies on it. i also used to make music. if my comp could run games i think i would play them, but i would be more interested in classic games, and continue to play xbox.

what i do now is use a small internal harddrive for all my program stuff, and my external for storage. in my head that keeps data safe. idk if that is great idea, but its been like that a while.

been looking about, but idk what all the letters and numbers really mean. i want a good computer, and i want to pay as little as possible. my budget is something like £0-£1000.

ideally would like a list of components, and the a recommended place to get them. thank you for any advice u can give.

  wee eddie 00:36 01 Nov 11

Well, you'll get Sweet FA for Zero and a Stonking Gamer for a Grand.

I get the impression that you have not built/bought one before. Would that be correct?

  gengiscant 09:45 01 Nov 11

A quick spec, you can obviously tweak it to suite yourself.

CPU: i5 2500K. £161.21 LN37506

Mobo: GA-Z68P-DS3 - £75.22 LN41414

RAM: 4gb 1600mhz DDR3 - £24.48 LN37493

SSD: OCZ 60GB Vertex 2E - £82.32 LN33702

HDD: 1 x 500GB - £31.43 LN28751

PSU: EZcool 500W - £25.67 LN8039

GPU: XFX HD 6870 £137.62 LN37721

CASE: Coolermaster Elite 430 £38.38 LN34936

CD/DVD: SATA DVDRW £13.99 LN39605

OS: Windows 7 32 BIT OEM £73.28 LN29160

Which comes to about £697.32 with postage.

The LN numbers you can just put in the search bar at Scan Computing.

  gengiscant 09:47 01 Nov 11

Sorry did not include sound card as have never really needed one. But I believe this is pretty good.Sound card.

  mattgedd 12:16 01 Nov 11

ty gengiscant, so far this is best option i have. as many idias, opinions as possible would help me understand more. ty.

  mattgedd 11:44 10 Nov 11

cpu (Central processing unit) mother board ram Solid-state drive Hard disk drive power supply Graphics processing unit sound card case os (CD/DVD)

so this is everything i need? am i right in thinking above set-up would work better than comp i using now, minus the GPU, sound card and cd/dvd - and possibly SSD? and at a later date i could add to it.

i had never heard of SSD before. it sounds good.

will these components fit ina smaller case? i imagine the case i use just now to be mostly empty, and doesnt look much bigger than suggested one.


  mattgedd 12:14 10 Nov 11

* cpu (Central processing unit) mother board ram Solid-state drive Hard disk drive power supply Graphics processing unit sound card Operating system case (cd/dvd)

ment to put this at top of last post

  mattgedd 12:15 10 Nov 11

** ok, i did, it just not look like list/this:

cpu (Central processing unit)

mother board


Solid-state drive

Hard disk drive

power supply

Graphics processing unit

sound card

Operating system



  gengiscant 12:20 10 Nov 11

Of course you can do without the SSD, certainly do not need sound-card,your existing CD/DVD will be fine. Providing your case can take an ATX motherboard 12 × 9.6 in (305 × 244 mm)then you should be fine. Take those three out you cut £135 off the cost.

The graphics card you really do need, this will play anything you through at it. Though of course you could go for something cheaper if you are not overly concerned about playing the latest titles at high settings.

But if you are unsure please state your actual budget and I'll have another look.

  mattgedd 12:54 12 Nov 11


will i need any cooling stuff? a while back something blew up and i was told it was because of insufficient cooling. i got a twin fan, or something.

  gengiscant 13:04 12 Nov 11

No you will not need any further cooling. If you want to add a couple of fans that light up, go ahead but unlees you are going to start over-clocking then the coolers that come with the case, CPU and graphics card will be fine.

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