Buying a new PC....

  Lemmi-beans 13:46 25 Nov 07

Anyway to cut to the chase...

I'm buying a new PC, that's gonna be pretty much for heavy gaming. I know shared graphics is kind of like borrowing memory from the main PC but does do you guys think this is too much? What effect will it have?

* AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
* 2048 MB memory (RAM)
* 831 MB shared graphics
* 320 GB Storage

Sorry its a pretty nooby question.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:20 25 Nov 07

You really need a decent graphics card if you are going for "heavy gaming".

Sorry I can't offer suggestions; I don't know much about graphics cards.

  Slamdunka 15:50 25 Nov 07

well what kinda card becuase mine is an xpress 1200 but it is not the best the most i play is sims 2 lol nd is it with vista?

  citadel 15:51 25 Nov 07

core 2 duo
2g ram
8800gt or 8800gtx
shared graphics = slideshow and are below minimum system requirements for new games.

  Slamdunka 15:54 25 Nov 07

is it an acer aspire desktop pc from circuit city?

cause if it is i think the graphics im really not sure i know i have an aspire 5100 laptop with vista and mine is realy good great movies pics gaming for like 450 with 1gb of ram and radeon express it is really up to you hat games are you playing

  umbongo(uk) 15:56 25 Nov 07

old games before 2000 not a problem still dont expect high/ultra qaulity

believe me a graphics card is needed especialy ,if as your saying its gameing intensive as the card will carry most of the burden and free up ram and compute cycles

  Slamdunka 16:08 25 Nov 07

um i think it should be fine but i would talk to whomever your buying from about grapics weather dell or acer or hp

  Lemmi-beans 16:09 25 Nov 07

I'll give this one a miss then.

Thanks for the help!

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