buying new pc

  joe95 23:19 30 Jul 03

Hi everyone,
Iam looking to spend £500 on a new tower I have all the other bits can anyone recommend a supplier or what sort of spec. should I expect for my money.
I use pc for home accounts, letters etc. some digital photos and transfering tapes to cd's
thanks in anticipation.

  User-312386 23:24 30 Jul 03

i bought from click here

when you say other bits do you mean monitor etc etc?

have you got an operating system?

  Ironman556 23:46 30 Jul 03

Going AMD will save you a little money, an XP2000 will do more than you need it to. If you're transferring music spend a little more than usual on a good sound card, you should be able to get a more specialist one fairly cheap. Also 512MB DDR RAM should keep any editing going smoothly. I assume all the other applications you run aren't too heavy on reseources, so you should be ok with the spec for them.

Is Software counted in the £500 for the tower, if not then you'll want to put at least £100 aside for a new operating system if you're upgrading tnat too.

  rev.bem 23:53 30 Jul 03

Have a look here

click here

  rickf 11:12 31 Jul 03

Consider building your own. It will work out cheaper and possibly with better specs and you will also gain experience.

  pj123 12:05 31 Jul 03

Have a look here. click here

  canard 14:26 31 Jul 03

click here These people will sell you one of ther standards or build you anything you want. They are incredibly reliable and v v good prices.

  Andsome 16:01 31 Jul 03

Find out if there is a GOOD local shop and let them build you a machine

  Ironman556 20:26 31 Jul 03

I'd go with Andsome's advice if you don't want to build your own, a local shop will help you get exactly what you need and you know you'll be able to get in touch if you need to.

  keith-236785 22:09 31 Jul 03

click here

click here

click here

each one can supply a system including windows XP home for less than £500.

hope this helps

and this one

click here

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