Buying New HDD. Have I Got the Right Cables?

  gazmania 12:31 03 Jan 04

I have discovered some bad sectors on my Seagate 80gb hard drive. I ran a diagnostic test using Seagate's tool. I've put the result here: click here for info.
I've decided to buy a new drive on eBuyer but am not quite sure if i'm buying the right cables to go with it. Apparently, as the drive is a serial ATA, the cables are different from the standard ones. I've ordered another Seagate (120gb). I'm told they are not too bad, despite my current one having faults. The cables i've ordered are a Serial ATA Hard Drive Power Cable and a Belkin Serial ATA 2.0 7-pin Cable - Blue 18". If I haven't bored you enough yet, the quickfind codes on ebuyer are 052160, 049064 and 057657. I would be very grateful if any of you wizards out there could verify I have the right cables. Please feel free to comment on my choice of drive also. Any advice would be most graciously accepted.

  leo49 12:57 03 Jan 04

Daft question,I know,but your motherboard does support SATA drives I take it?

  gazmania 13:13 03 Jan 04

Urmmm......leo49, how do I find out? Have i got the right cables?

  leo49 13:39 03 Jan 04

Check your motherboard to find out. If it doesn't support SATA then there won't be a SATA connection on the mobo to plug into - although I believe one can get adapter cards or somesuch[though I'm a little hazy about that].

If the old HDD is not SATA it'll be far simpler to replace it with a "normal" IDE ATA HDD.

  gazmania 14:15 03 Jan 04

Thanks for the info. Can anyone answer the original question?

  gazmania 14:18 03 Jan 04

Are you saying that anyone who wants to update their HDD to SATA has to buy a new motherboard?

  leo49 14:26 03 Jan 04

I'm saying that if your mobo doesn't support SATA then you've got to investigate what adaptors you need - ie SATA cables won't plug straight into your mobo.

Frankly,if your mobo doesn't have native SATA support,then is there any point of the extra expense merely to early adopt the new drive format?

  leo49 14:39 03 Jan 04

And it's not really possible to answer whether you have the correct cables without knowing what they'll be connecting to at the mobo end.

  gazmania 17:11 03 Jan 04

Has anyone else has any experience with SATA drives? How do I check if one will work in my machine?

  gazmania 17:12 03 Jan 04

Has anyone else had any experience with SATA drives? How do I check if one will work in my machine?

  Mr.Scoobs 17:14 03 Jan 04

its like the dude said u gotta look on ur mobo or in the manual to se if it supports sata, mine has slots for 2. i have a western digital sata and its 10,000 rpm, its pretty fast compared to my old 1

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