Buying a laptop

  menopaws1947 14:06 30 Oct 07

Hi there, I love my computer and it is on all day, unfortunately, I can no longer sit for more than an hour due to arthritis - so was wondering about getting a laptop. One person said, because of my high usage it wouldn't be practical, the noise of the fan ?? and something else.

What are your views/advice please. Also, I will only have about £350 to spend so what do you recommend

  Technotiger 14:21 30 Oct 07

A laptop is perfectly ok, even with high usage. The first one shown here will give you some idea of what you can get for about £350, but have a look around and you may well find others within your budget. No disrespect to your 'adviser', but I would not take too much notice of what was said re' fan noise.

click here

Good luck.

  Technotiger 14:25 30 Oct 07

Here are some more - a really good firm to deal with, and very reasonable prices.

click here

  menopaws1947 14:38 30 Oct 07

That is brilliant !! I have a Dell at the moment and am very pleased and a Dell laptop seems to be at the right price too. The other thing my advisor said was to avoid Windows Vista as too many knots to iron out ??

  silverous 14:42 30 Oct 07

I wouldn't necessarily say that re: Vista but if you are more familiar with XP then it may make sense to you personally to try and get one with XP on. The issue with that is that many laptops seem to come with Vista these days. For example, on the Dell link above I couldn't see any option to specify windows XP.

  Fingees 14:45 30 Oct 07

AS I have said in the past. People get used to a system and don't adapt easily to change.

I happen to be one that likes Vista, and would not go back to XP.

Most complaints have been about lack of drivers. etc.
That is the fault of manufacturers not keeping up, rather than Microsoft.
Buying a new one should be OK, as it will be fitted out to run with no problem.
All the best.

  Technotiger 15:03 30 Oct 07

I have nothing against Vista, but I believe that you would be best sticking with XP - I am pretty sure that Dell and/or Novatech will accommodate you in this respect.

  menopaws1947 15:09 30 Oct 07

This is brilliant, in less than 30 mins you have all given me a whole load of help. Thank you very much

  silverous 15:15 30 Oct 07

I'm not convinced Dell will, at least not on their website they don't - perhaps if you call them. I tend to recommend Dell so I would say give them a call! To be honest Vista isn't THAT different to XP for most uses so I think you'd be fine.

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