buying a dvd recorder

  sillysocks 19:10 05 Sep 07

i am interested in buying a dvd recorder,if i bought an analouge recorder would this still record digitil tv even after the digital switch over when analouge has gone forever????

  holme 19:27 05 Sep 07

Not by itself. Once analogue is gorn, it's gorn.

However, you could plug in a digital TV set-top box (STB) and record from that.

Or get a TV with internal digital tuner and record from that.

Although it requires a separate box, the STB method is (currently) preferred as you can configure it to output the higher-quality RGB video for recording and subsequent viewing on t'telly.

The TV output is (currently) limited to the lesser-quality composite video standard. However, by the time analogue has gorn, they may have modified the SCART connection system to allow RGB video in both directions, i.e. from recorder to TV and from TV back to the recorder. I understand there are moves to do this.

But IMHO the best route is to spend a few extra quids on a DVD recorder with internal digital tuner, and perhaps also an analogue tuner, which is future-proof and covers all eventualities. HTH.

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