Buying a desktop pc on ebay

  astra46 19:06 26 Jul 08

Anyone had a pc off ebay? Seems like some good deals around, some bargains for £200 - £300, graphics card, vista, 4gb memory etc

  rdave13 19:22 26 Jul 08

Personally I wouldn't. Too many pitfalls.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:57 26 Jul 08

Sound advice, eBay is not the place to buy a pc or laptop.

  gengiscant 20:06 26 Jul 08

I've had one,no problem at all.Check feedback,have a look in the forums,pose a question if you want,the watchword is research.

  bluto1 22:36 26 Jul 08

...there are too many pitfalls buying a PC on ebay. I would personally not buy a Full PC outfit from ebay without some searching questions.

  rdave13 22:41 26 Jul 08

Consider a refurbished PC or Laptop from the bigger named companies. At least you'll get a 12 months guarantee that will be honoured.

  skidzy 22:47 26 Jul 08

Again i have to agree with the others.
I would not buy a pc/laptop from Ebay but do buy some hardware...yes ive been caught out in the past...but i do know and understand the risks.

With the big sellers out there being so competitive,give them a look...Dell/Pcworld/Ebuyer etc.

Give us your budget and will can see what is about.

  spuds 23:01 26 Jul 08

I purchased a desktop about 3 years ago. It looked very impressive on the 'limited' specifications description, and the seller (a company) had a good feedback rating (98%) on about 500 sales a month for computers and items.The company had been trading a number of years, so everything appeared okay.And the price appeared right.

When I received the computer, it was not quite what I had expected, component wise. Also as an addition, I added extra ram which was not supplied or fitted.

The company then seemed to have difficulties, and poor feedback were being registered. The rest is history, the company ceased trading.

Some of the big named companies sell their returns and discontinued models on eBay, usually under a subsidiary name, so you might get a bargain that way. Would suggest that you check if the computer is supplied with an operating system. Some are, and some are not. If the latter, then take this into consideration.

If you buy from a private seller, then consider 'buyer beware' and ask questions before bidding or making the purchase.

  darkreign 08:32 27 Jul 08

...members, and do ask questions, (even if it's just to see how good/helpfull/fast their response is).

I bought a tower system last year (really good deal) from ebay, and even though in all the adds they said it was full vista ready, i found i had to purchase additional hardware to make use of the full vista system.
I'm still pleased with it and think i got a good deal(£300ish).

Do check feedback (not just the percentage but read the responses) to see what problems you might be faced with.

As Skidzy has requested tell us your budget and requirements and see if somebody on here can help you more.

Good luck

  FatboySlim71 08:54 27 Jul 08

So long as you read ALL THE SELLERS FEEDBACK and read ALL THE ITEM DESCRIPTION then you should be ok, for example, if a seller has been a member for a number of years the chances are they are not going to ruin their feedback by selling a dodgey computer.

Just ensure that the computer will be VERY WELL PACKED. Bear in mind though (and this can happen wherever you get a computer from) that components such has RAM sticks, graphics cards can become partially unseated during transit. What I do (even when receiving a new PC) is once I have received it I take the side cover off and check/push the Ram sticks, graphic card, and I check that all the hard drive & CD/DVD drive leads are pushed all the way in.

  skidzy 09:07 27 Jul 08

Though FatboySlim71's post makes total sense,just be aware that opening the case can void any warranty that may go with the machine.

Ebay can be a good place and at the same time be a bad place,do your research first.

Though as ive said above,we could probably find you something from a well established dealer.

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