Buy and sell

  tomtojo 15:14 13 Mar 07

I dont know if this has been mentioned in the past, but I have noticed quite a few people asking about second hand item,s, on this and beginner,s forum.
Could we not start our own buy and sell section, just pc related of course, nothing else. we could even have a give away, instead of binning something,offer it on PA for just the postage cost, then we are doing our bit for global warming!

anyway just an idea, might be legal reasons why it can't be done, maybe the editor would like to comment, might start a bit of a debate?



  Meshuga 15:26 13 Mar 07

I think that this subject has been brought up before and has been turned down.

  skidzy 15:30 13 Mar 07

I like the idea and would certainly be interested,but as Meshuga has pointed out,it has been brought up before and a straight no from the FE if i remember correctly.

  al7478 15:34 13 Mar 07

Great idea!

  Snec 17:13 13 Mar 07

Great idea indeed but it has already been done...... click here

  spuds 17:32 13 Mar 07

This idea as been aired on a few occasions, and it as been rejected due to the complexity and other issues of running this type of suggestion.

  skidzy 17:51 13 Mar 07

????? i would hazzard a guess that everyone knows about Ebay :-))) but i suppose the link helps for those who do not know Ebay sells Pc components.

  tomtojo 19:10 13 Mar 07

Yes you are right skidzy, I do know about ebay, I do painting,s and sell them on ebay, but thank,s for the link anyway Snec,
I just thought it would be better to get
advice and buy item,s of people you can
trust, and feel like they are your friend,
because after all the forum is a bit like
a very big family.

anyway, I will say no more on the matter,
and see if we get anymore opinion,s.

Thank,s Tom

  tullie 19:16 13 Mar 07

Like ebay,everyone on here are mostly total strangers.

  tomtojo 19:22 13 Mar 07

Sorry tullie, but I disagree, ebay is totaly different to PA, don't know how other,s feel?

  De Marcus™ 19:32 13 Mar 07

I can just imagine the slanging matches in the forum when a bit of kit arrives broken or 'not as described.'

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