Busy computer on standby

  Jota 15:15 15 Jan 03
  Jota 15:15 15 Jan 03

If I leave my computer for a few minutes on standby or not, it starts buzzing away as if it is really busy. The little red light is flickering also. Is there anyway of stopping this as it is getting on my wick! Thanks chaps.

  DieSse 15:34 15 Jan 03

It's doing it's Windows thingies - that it does when it gets a bit of free time to itself.

Which version of Windows?

Could be setting a restore point - could be doing a "Find Fast" index - or other things.

  Jota 19:16 15 Jan 03

I'm running XP Home. My other XP Pro computer doesn't do it though!

  graham 19:21 15 Jan 03

It shouldn't be doing anything on stand-by!

  flecc 19:32 15 Jan 03

XP uses idle processor capacity to reorganise files on your hard drive to give maximum efficiency. This only applies if the NTFS file system is in use, not with FAT32.

Also system restore sometimes has file backing up arrears to catch up on if you've been very active with changes to your files.

  wee eddie 21:18 15 Jan 03

I don't think that it is something that I have just noticed.

It's a K6 IBM Aptiva running w'98 and I've just upgraded to from Office pro '97 to XP, and set up a networked for my XP running laptop.

The our systems are totally different, but could there be similarities. Have you recently networked with your other computer, added, updated or changed software, or made any other changhes that might have started this Hard drive activity.

  WaTcHiNg 22:12 15 Jan 03

It should do nothing on standby.

Windows does do things like defrags whilst your PC is idle if you've left task Scheduler running.

  Jota 17:15 16 Jan 03

I've networked the noisy XP Home with a quiet XP Pro but I can't remember if it did this before. Anyway they work OK so I hope it's nothing to worry about. Thanks.

  Jota 17:22 16 Jan 03

Is it possible to buy a power notebook with out an operating system? After starting a Microsoft course for a MCSE, I was sent Windows 2000 Pro + Office XP to help with my studies. I might as well save some money and buy one that has nothing installed on it and use this to get the notebook up and running - or is this illegal?

  March Hare 17:49 16 Jan 03

All these computers are linking up and plotting to take over the world.

We're all doomed.....................

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