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  BenJos 09 Dec 11

Hello everyone.

I own a small business and I always used an EDF energy for business provider.

Recently my acquaintance advised me to revise all my computer machines in the office. He claimed that if I choose "cleverer" hardware it will help to reduce ours company's energy bill.

Could any of you advice me what that "cleverer" hardware could be? My company don't make any media editing, just some financial consulting to our customers, so we don't need superfast computers.

Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 09 Dec 11

It is likely that, unless you have a couple of hundred PC running, any reduction in your Power Bill will be nullified by the cost of the Software needed and the amount of time wasted by Staff, as they wait for their PC to come back from Hibernation.

  wiz-king 09 Dec 11

I have just replaced one PC and screen and the power used went down from 90W to 78W so it would take a long time to get any appreciable saving. If you are using CRT monitors it might save slightly more per PC. The main saving could come from turning them off when not in use (overnight?)but it's still not that expensive to run 24/7 and the waste heat saves on heating the office!

  Forum Editor 11 Dec 11

If your existing machines were made within the past five years or so they will already be 'clever' as far as power-saving is concerned.

Don't leave them running all night, or at weekends.


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