burnt lcd moniter

  rock lobster 2 21:16 17 Sep 06

could any one please help me out i brought a sony 17 inch flat screen moniter 9 months ago down loading for a few hours now have aol tool bar burnt into my screen very annoying in mannuel it says warrenty does not cover burning on screen could it be repaired in any way

  ArrGee 21:19 17 Sep 06

Once a monitor has a screen burn, not a lot you can do. That's why screensavers are used. If it gives you a chuckle, a friend just bought a 42 inch plasma and left it on with a playstation game and fell asleep. Guess what!

  Stuartli 21:21 17 Sep 06

New panel or new set.

  lisa02 21:22 17 Sep 06

I thought that burnt images was impossible on an LCD. It should go away with a day of use...

try playing this stuck pixel fixer click here

  mammak 21:27 17 Sep 06

what ?? lol

  ArrGee 21:29 17 Sep 06

A couple of friends have had this problem on LCDs and there is distinct burning, even after a few days of use. Always worth trying what lisa02 has suggested.

Alternatively, as it is still under warranty, you could contest that the burn did not occur during a download and 'just happened' through 'normal usage'. Chances are you may get a replacement.

  ArrGee 21:30 17 Sep 06

I know. Poor chap is gutted. He left it on some 'options' screen. And it's still there!

  Stuartli 21:34 17 Sep 06

>>I thought that burnt images was impossible on an LCD. It should go away with a day of use...>>

Actually this is not true although some manufacturers make the claim - in fact the effects of ghosting can often be clearly seen whilst watching a display.

Sometimes turning the set off and leaving it for quite a considerable time can cure it, but not guaranteed in any way.

There should be a warning about burn-in and using a screensaver in the manual (especially for monitors) but it can be hidden away...:-)

  mammak 21:38 17 Sep 06

lol that is not funny te he he poor git :-)

  SANTOS7 21:40 17 Sep 06

Re: Flat Panel Screen and Burnt Image
With LCD it is more of a residual image. It can be cleaned up by displaying
a white screen at night.

another forum claims this works its worth a try,good luck..

  ArrGee 21:40 17 Sep 06

Actually, for me, it's about two-grand funny!!!

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