Burnt audio CDs dont play on my hifi

  Hoseman 13:12 21 Nov 04

Does anyone know why this happens and how to solve it?

Initially when I started burning CDs it was fine but now none of them seem to play on hifi although they are fine on my pc and car sterreo. Read somewhere that the CDs should be burnt 1x or 2x which I did yesterday (2x) but still no joy. Any suggestions/idea?

Thx in advance.

  Cook2 13:16 21 Nov 04

If you are using CD-RW's then that will be the problem, not all Hi-Fi's recognise RW's.

If you are using CD-R's then try a different make, some are almost see through and some players just don't like them.

  pj123 14:06 21 Nov 04

I think we are still trying to work this one out. click here

I have the same problem, they play on everyone elses CD players and my car CD player and also my domestic DVD player but not my Hi-Fi CD player.

I have tried burning at all the speeds available and it makes no difference. I did think that maybe, my CD player had gone bust, but commercial CDs play OK.

  JON99 15:55 21 Nov 04

try changing the speed you burn at. If I burn @ 54x cd's wont play on my car player if I burn @ 32x they do..same make of cd, must be the speed!

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