Burning videos

I have a dual-layer DVD recorder, Nero Vision Express 2 and several small mpegs which I want to burn to a normal DVD disc. Its all pretty straightforward but it starts 'transcoding' and says 18 odd hours left whether I have one small video or 20 small videos to fill up the disc. Can someone please explain whats occuring!

  Jdoki 22:25 26 Jul 05

What CPU do you have? And how much RAM?

If you are trying to burn your mpegs on to the DVD so you can watch them on a stand-alone player then they have to be converted in to DVD files (.vobs etc), this process can take a while.

18 hours sounds rather long though (unless you are using an older CPU)! I would guess that even a double layer disk should take a max of 3 hours on a modern CPU (only a guess as I've only ever done single layer disks)

If you just want the files backed up to DVD then then plain old Nero Express would be btter than Vision Express

I have a 2.2 Processor and 512DDR Ram. The Nero came with player.


  ashdav 23:53 26 Jul 05

Transcoding to DVD format does take a long time. It's not unusual whatever program you use.

Thankyou but 18 hrs seems a bit excessive doesn't it?

  Jdoki 09:14 27 Jul 05

18 hours does sound excessive.

Is that a 2.2 Intel, or equivalent AMD?

Are you using a laptop or a desktop - if laptop then there's a chance that your CPU is 'stepping down' as the heat builds up - transcoding is extremely CPU intensive.

Only other recommendation is to try some different software to see if they have a better transcoding routine. I would guess that Pinnacle can do something similar, but a web search should at least find you a few programs with trial versions to have a play with.

It is an AMD, I opened task manager and it said CPU usage by Nero was 93% and it is a desktop.

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