Burning pics to show on DVD

  Legolas 14:40 22 May 04

I am trying to burn pictures onto DVD to show on the TV I have already done it as a slideshow sucessfully what I want to do now is put the pictures on but not as a slideshow. The problem is that most of the pictures come up on the TV screen showing only half or less or sometimes three-quarters of the picture very few are coming up showing the complete picture even although all the pics are fine when burnt as a slideshow antone any ideas?

  Legolas 16:55 22 May 04

ok I solved my initial problem by burning the pics at a slower speed. My problem now is that it seems you can only burn 99 seperate pictures to a vcd that will show up on the menu.
If you select no menu using Nero you can burn as many as will fit on the disc but they do not preview as thumnails so there is no way to pick and choose which ones you want to view.
Does anyone know of a way round the 99 menu problem?

  Legolas 22:01 22 May 04


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