Jimmy Splash 15:25 28 May 06

i have a 700mb disc. i would like to burn a couple of albums on to it but need to compress the files. how do i do it?

  ICF 16:19 28 May 06

You can't unless you keep then as MP3's

  Haol 16:23 28 May 06

You mean compress them into a compressed archive so you burn it as a data disk because compressing the music would signifacntly reduce the audio quality. To compress it into an archive us WinRAR click here and here's a tutorial on how to use it click here

  ICF 17:12 28 May 06

Mp3 are already compressed so compressing with winrar will have little effect.

  Haol 17:16 28 May 06

WinRAR compression is different from compressing the actual audio.

  ICF 18:14 28 May 06

I have just compressed a 70mb mp3 album with winrar on the best setting and the file size came out at 69.5mb!!

  Haol 19:33 28 May 06

Well atleast it's a reduction, use Uharc it's a better multimedia compressor click here

  ICF 20:04 28 May 06

Just done a test with Uharc and the same 70mb mp3 file came out at 69.3mb.
Anyway that's not the question Jimmy Splash wants to be able to fit two albums converted from MP3 on to one disc and as far as I'm aware it can't be done.

  Haol 20:21 28 May 06

Yes it can, I've got a copy of a 2 disk album that has been compressed down to 168mb (just the audio) and the audio is pretty good quality aswell.

Jimmy just rip the music then convert them to mp3 format.

  ICF 06:51 29 May 06

The heading of the question is burning MP3's so they are already in MP3 format.If all he wanted to do was put MP3 albums onto a CD then he could at a push fit 10 albums onto a CD.

  Haol 16:19 29 May 06

Jimmy hasn't replied yet. How big are all the files Jimmy?

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