Burning MP3 to DVD

  AWARD2001 12:19 29 Apr 08

Hi - I have a new car which can play MP3 (and WMA) files burnt to DVD (or CD). This appeals as I will be able to fit many more tracks than on a CD. What is the best way to do this? Itunes recognises the DVD and wants to burn a Data DVD - will this work? Also, does anyone know how I can create folders on the DVD to divide up the tracks?
I have a PC and a Mac so can use Itunes in either or Windows Media Player. Any other ways to do what I want?


  Ditch999 12:51 29 Apr 08

ITunes is not MP3 it is AAC. If you have any MP3s then just use any burning software (XP has some built in) to put them on to DVD.

  eedcam 13:45 29 Apr 08

I think you can only burn as data dvd as for folders possibly you will have to assemble your Toons into folders first then burn the folders.

  MCE2K5 02:05 30 Apr 08

Chunes, 1. click here. Hi John.

  ambra4 03:56 30 Apr 08

In Nero 7 set the Main Menu at the top to CD/DVD

Go to Audio Section and select the type of disc that you want to make –

Make Mp3 CD / Make Mp3 DVD / Make WMA CD / Make WMA DVD

Click on the section and add MP3 songs files

To create folders just click on the folders on top right hand side

Name the folder and add the songs to the folders on the left hand side bar

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