Burning image file to disc

  eckhayles 10:07 13 Nov 08

Ive got a iso image file that ive been trying to burn to a dvd using Roxio Creator 2009 but mid burn my laptop resets itself?

Any suggestions?

  jimv7 10:15 13 Nov 08

Use imageburn, its very good and free click here

  eckhayles 10:19 13 Nov 08

I will certainly give that a go once i return from work

  LastChip 12:21 13 Nov 08

click here for a quick review of how it's done.

Quite honestly though, I can't think why your laptop is resetting itself, unless maybe you've got "hibernate" set, which is known to sometimes give problems.

  eedcam 12:48 13 Nov 08

I'll second Imgburn just choose write image file to disc.If you get a failure it will show you the log

  eckhayles 13:25 13 Nov 08

It is rather strange why it keeps resetting but as i say i will try all your advice when i get home so fingers crossed i can get it to work, Maybe its a problem with Roxio Creator 9? It does burn everything else ok, dvds, cds all burn fine without problems

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