Burning home movie onto DVD-R

  spider9 11:44 15 Mar 05

I have a new DVD writer and use Pinnacle Studio9 to capture/edit/make movie.
Can someone help me by explaining (as I'm a novice!) whether I will be able to add more 'clips' on the DVD-R disk later, or will the disk be closed after the first clip recorded.
I have heard conflicting views and want to have some idea before I start manufacturing coasters!

Any advice gratefully received - thanks.

  Completealias 11:52 15 Mar 05

Depends if you don't finalise the disk then you should be able to write to the free space left on the disk if you do finalise thou you won't b able to. You'll need to look through the settings to see if you can leave the disk unfinalised

  Yoda Knight 11:53 15 Mar 05

as long as u dont finalize the disk, you can add to it later

  TomJerry 12:14 15 Mar 05

you can write multi-session Data DVD, but I do not think that multi-session Video DVD will work. Even if you can do it, you dvd player may not be able to play it.

Just buy more blank DVD-Rs, good quality ones only costs less than 30p if you buy bulk 25+, it is really no point to waste your time.

  fazer 12:25 15 Mar 05

I use Studio 9 and I'm pretty sure that as soon as you ask the programme to write to a DVD, then the whole process, including finalising the disk, is taken out of the users hand meaning you can't stop Studio 9 finalising.

However ! There is the option in Studio 9 to format the video footage (as you would if you were going to burn to DVD)and instead of burning it to disk, it allows you to save it to your hard drive. The rationale for this option is to allow you to archive several formatted video clips before committing them all to disk but more importantly, it allows you to make as many DVD copies as you want.

Hope this helps.

  €dstowe 13:11 15 Mar 05

There is a lot more to a DVD than stuffing a collection of MPEG files on to the disc. There are all sorts of instructions for the DVD player and so on. Once you have organised the disc and written it, that's all you can do.

WinDVD Creator 4 (or above) states it can make additions to finished discs but I've not experienced this.

  spider9 13:22 15 Mar 05

Thanks to all for these contributions, I think the way fazer suggests, building up a collection of clips on the HDD is the one!
So back to Studio9 and test it out - unless any other tips etc are out there??

  €dstowe 13:28 15 Mar 05

The fazer method is the way to do it - especially if you have a hard drive dedicated to your videos.

  spider9 14:17 15 Mar 05

Yes, I do, installed a 120Gb maxtor and have 100Gb partitioned specially for home movie use.

Now struggling to work out how to 'combine' clips to form one long one for a single 'burn',as said by fazer, and realising that I'm getting lost very rapidly!! AVI, MPEG etc are going to be in my nightmares! Life used to be so simple with my old VHS camcorder! Not sure now if this 'old dog' can learn all these new tricks??

  asrobs 14:27 15 Mar 05

how can you save to your hard disk and then connect the different clips together on the same dvd to burn ????this is a request to fazer to expand on his method to allow the burning at the same time!!asrobs.

  spider9 14:43 15 Mar 05

Yes, that's about where I'm stuck, as well!!

If anyone familiar with Pinnacle Studio 9 can assist I would be forever grateful (crawl, crawl....) since I am about to throw the whole lot away and just return to stoneage VHS !

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