Burning dvd`s to portable harddrive

  rob37 02 May 11

Can anyone advise me on the best free program to burn dvds to my portable hard drive?


  rdave13 02 May 11

Burn the DVD to your hard drive. With the portable hard drive connected, open computer as this will show your portable. Open your portable HDD from there. Drag and drop the DVD from your HDD to your portable HDD.

  eedcam 02 May 11

Use Imgburn its free and rip to your portable .Why do the job twice Rob?

  eedcam 02 May 11

Sorry forgot the link http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

  rob37 02 May 11

I have went on to the img website, which one do I download..AVS video convertor,imgburn v 2.5.50, 2.5.40 or 2.5.30 or does it matter?

To be honest I dont really understand any of the jargon, it may as well all be in Swahili as far as am concerned!

  bremner 02 May 11

You don't burn DVD's to a hard drive.

You burn data from a hard drive to a DVD.

All you need to do is copy the data as stated by rdave13

  rob37 02 May 11

Cheers for that bremner, you really cleared things up there.

  eedcam 02 May 11

imgburn v 2.5.50, 2.5.40 or 2.5.30 or does it matter? Yes it matters two different things and avs Is not free. Get imgburn v 2.5.50,Mirror 8 for the download .If these are movies then its just what you need only a matter of choosing create image file from disc

  rob37 03 May 11

I have just downloaded img burn and tried to copy some dvd`s but I keep getting Copyright Protecton System Type CSS/CPPM
this disc is copy protected, sorry imgburn cannot read copy protected discs.

  ams4127 03 May 11

Nobody here is going to tell you how to circumvent copy protection. It's illegal.

  rob37 04 May 11

So,if I buy a dvd and copy it to my own portable hard drive so I can watch it when I go back to sea in a week or two, I will be breaking the law, even though I will be the only one watching it, and I will have the original at home. I dont think so!

I am only trying to get some advice on how to copy movies to my own portable hdd to save me carting dvd`s all over the place.


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