Burning DVD's

Can someone recommend some easy to use software for burning DVDs. I use or should I say can't use Nero at the moment and it just wont work. I left it on all day today and it just wouldn't burn. My comp is powerful enough in case you were wondering but I just can't master Nero. I have downloaded updates etc as necessary but to no avail. It is for burning videos that I have downloaded (legally in case you ask) and I obviously want to put them on disc. I even have a fast DVD dual layer DVDRW!!!???

  john-232317 19:43 16 Aug 05

Try this free program, it will burn it with Nero though, if it doesn`t work then you know the problem is with Nero. I have never had any probs at all. click here

Are you sure your files you are trying to burn are mpeg2 ?

I have DVD shrink already and I don't want to shrink them - hence a dual layer writer. One of the videos I am trying to burn is an mpeg 3. I just want some software that will change whatever format is in to suitable Vob files and burn em to disc, simple hey!!!

  Totally-braindead 19:52 16 Aug 05

click here I think this is what you want, free for 21 days to try anyway.

Which one!?

  Totally-braindead 19:57 16 Aug 05

Sorry, Clone DVD 2

Sorry one other thing it doesn't shrink or compress at all does it because I want the best picture possible.

  stalion 20:02 16 Aug 05
  Totally-braindead 20:05 16 Aug 05

Ah. I think it does shrink the files, actually I haven't tried it with a dual layer DVD either. My writer supports it but I'm unsure if the software does dual layer or not. You could try it and just go as far as the burn and see if it detects the size of the disk, if it does you're laughing. I like this program because I find it so simple to use. Perhaps if you have a look at the support pages they can help.

Thanks Totally-braindead but it seems that Clone can only burn Vob files, for example if you put a DVD in and copied it to the hardrive. My videos are in all different formats.

  Totally-braindead 20:14 16 Aug 05

Sorry about that, perhaps someone else will have a suggestion.

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