bartonside 17:48 04 Mar 07

I wanted to burn some video files to DVD because of the larger storage space. I went for Record Now first because it is so easy to operate but it kept rejecting my disc. So I went to the dreadful Media Player where the instructions are about as unhelpful as you could wish. Eventually I managed to build a playlist. But MP wouldn't recognise the disc either. I was using a DVD-RW, which is all I have at present, so I wonder if I should be using a DVD-R. Opinions please!

  skidzy 17:53 04 Mar 07

WMP will not burn to dvd,you need the software package such as Nero/Roxio/Sonic...sorry dont anything about record now...but you do need a dvd burning software package.

  skidzy 17:54 04 Mar 07

From personal experience,dvd-r are better and more reliable than rw.You may be experiencing that windows is fussy over its media.

  bartonside 18:02 04 Mar 07

Record Now is a Sonic programme so I might look at their website.

  skidzy 18:07 04 Mar 07

So it is,i should know this as i have Sonic on my laptop,sorry must have been away with the fairies for a moment.

I really suspect its the media that is the problem here.

Have you tried right clicking on the file and sendto the cd/dvd drive with a disc inserted.
You may given the choice of which program,select Record Now.

  jimv7 18:49 04 Mar 07

XP does not support burning to dvd, its cd only, as skidzy has said use a third party programme like nero.

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