Burning a 5+ hour long video onto DVD's

  algey 18 Feb 13


Have a video which runs for 5+ hours and would like to burn it onto some DVD's. Can I pause the video after 2 hours,replace with another DVD, and then continue doing this until I have the video in full ?

Type of File :Video Clip (.avi) Size 1.1 GB

Also do I need any particular software to do this ?

Thank You

  Forum Editor 20 Feb 13

You need something like this.

You can't do it by pausing in the way you suggest.

  lotvic 20 Feb 13

"Type of File :Video Clip (.avi) Size 1.1 GB"

A dvd-r holds 4.7 GB

Which program are you using to burn to dvd?

  algey 20 Feb 13

Forum Editor

Thanks for the info. Will look into that.

lotvic, haven't got one but will look into the one Forum Editor suggests. Clicking on 'properties' of the video I get the information that the size is 1.1GB, but when I play it the running time is 5+ hours ?

Thanks for your replies.

  lotvic 21 Feb 13

I use the free DVDFlick list of files supported (as with any free program during install don't forget to untick or tick so you don't get any extra progs installed with it - from memory I think you get offered 'Open Office' or something)

An .avi is just a container the actual files inside could be anything - see the list on my link. As regards the size, not sure about that it depends on the bit rate of the actual files inside the .avi container. Anyway DVDFlick would soon tell you if when it converted it, it was too big for a dvd. Suggest you download the guide .pdf and have a look at it before you decide anything.


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