Burn Problem

  aja007 09:51 15 Oct 08

I'm having probs backing up DVDs. Ihave a multi-format rewriter but it now won't burn onto DVD-Rs whereas previuosly it would. However it will burn onto DVD+RWs.

Any suggestions???

  baldydave 10:05 15 Oct 08

Have you changed make of dvd-r as some dvd rewriters are fussy about the type of media, if not try updating firmware.

  aja007 10:20 15 Oct 08

I've tried a couple of different brands(of DVD-Rs)but no luck!

Re the firmware update, I can't find one anywhere (its a NECDVD-RW ND-3530A).

  baldydave 10:35 15 Oct 08

look like yours was a modified version as it is not listed here
click here
Look under heading bottom left not listed.
Might be time to buy a new burner

  eedcam 12:50 15 Oct 08

Its a newer version click here mine which is the 3500and I aint got no probs with +or -

  Jak_1 13:08 15 Oct 08

1. What operating system?
2. How old is the DVD Burner?
3. Have you tried a different Burning program?

There is the possibility of that the burn laser is u/s. If that is the case then a replacemt is the answer. They are cheap to buy and easy to install. £10 - £30 would get you a new one and about 10 - 20 mins to swap the new for old.

  Rahere 13:52 15 Oct 08

Not sure what DVD burn software you are using but try different software click here

Alternatively remove the drivers completely in Device manager and reboot - it could refresh the situation...

  aja007 14:52 15 Oct 08


1. What operating system? = Windows XP
2. How old is the DVD Burner? = 3 years old
3. Have you tried a different Burning program? = yes (Nero 6, IMGBurn).

  lofty29 15:37 15 Oct 08

Sounds like a software issue, since the laser is working on + but not- have you tried dvd+r

  aja007 16:17 15 Oct 08

No but it works ok on DVD+RWs.

If it is a software issue (which I also think it is) any ideas what it could be?

  Rahere 16:46 15 Oct 08

There was an MS update recently that related to UDF format could this be the culprit?

Apparently the type of UDF format used can make a big difference see click here

Why a computer might not read a particular UDF disk? Even if a computer claims to be able to read UDF 1.50, it still may only support the plain build and not necessarily either the VAT or Spared build.

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