Burn DVD, but have slow down and freeze in spots

  TazzBill 17:47 10 Dec 05

I have a Sony DVD Burner and have been able to make copies okay until recently. Now copied DVD has slow down spots and freeze spots. Is there something additional I need to overridw this problem? I use DVD Xpress and sometimes DVD Shrink 3.2 then to the sony DVD Decrypter.

  Totally-braindead 18:09 10 Dec 05

It may be that the PC has slowed down due to programs running in the background or the hard drive being fragmented. Try defragging it first and see if that helps.

  TazzBill 20:20 10 Dec 05

Thank You: Totally-braindead.
Don't have anything else running, when burning.
Will try the defrag and let you know thanks.

  john-232317 22:58 10 Dec 05

When you have copied are you leaving the files generated on the PC or deleting them ?

  TazzBill 23:21 10 Dec 05

dadyassa: I delete them. depending on copies made. most of the time delete.

  Carbonara 23:52 10 Dec 05

What program are you using to remove the encryption?

  TazzBill 00:19 11 Dec 05

I have a Sony DVD Decrypter 3.5.

  Carbonara 00:22 11 Dec 05

Sorry, not aware that Sony does a Decrypter.

  TazzBill 00:26 11 Dec 05

Yes, its build into the burner drive

  Carbonara 00:32 11 Dec 05

That really leaves me speechless when Sony spends millions refining their Arcoss encryption system!!

  TazzBill 00:38 11 Dec 05

Dont know about that LOL. Friend got this one with discount and couldnt refuse the buy.
Ex: I copied Santa Claus 2 and I had slow spots and freeze. Then got another copy of it and it copied nicely. But the problem still there on most of the movies I cant understand why it started to do it.

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