Bump or ^ messages as replies - what are they???

  muscic lover 11:26 06 Jan 05

I must be getting old,
When the Forum editor or somebody else makes a point or comment, other members often write 'BUMP' as a reply.
What does that mean?
or the reply is '^' or similar......
am i going mad?, but i cant work it out! Help!

  ACOLYTE 11:28 06 Jan 05

Helps keep the post at the top of the forum list
doesnt mean nothing in itself.Every post made to a thread puts that thread back at the top.

  Graham ® 11:38 06 Jan 05

Some people do it so the thread appears in My Postings, so that they can track it.

  muscic lover 11:41 06 Jan 05

Oh good grief, how dense am i today..... sorry about that (puts on Homer Simpson voice).... DOH!!
I shall put my self in the corner and put on the conical hat!

  ACOLYTE 11:44 06 Jan 05

If you don't ask you wont know so your not dense just inquisitive.

  Sapins 11:46 06 Jan 05

Don't know answer + don't ask question = don't know answer.

No question is too basic on this forum.

  Sapins 11:48 06 Jan 05

Would you mind waiting your turn, you have posted once. LOL

  handful 12:20 06 Jan 05


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