bummin hard drive problem

  dsilvers 13:52 27 Feb 04

i have a problem help. What would cause my hard drive not to spin on boot up with the ribbon pluged into it and i get the hard drive light that comes on, but when i unplug the ribbon from the hard drive and boot the computer on it will spin?? i have tried different hard drives and different ribbons and i get the same thing. please help if possible. thank you

  joelmb 14:00 27 Feb 04

have you tried checking that the boot order, and master/slave settings are correct in the bios? Sounds to me like windows doesnt want to run the drive for some reason rather than the drive's are at fault.

  woodchip 14:08 27 Feb 04

Is the ribbon on right way round Red Wire to Power Plug and at Motherboard End Red wire to number one pin on socket also press full on

  joelmb 14:38 27 Feb 04

also checked the hd's jumper settings?

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