Bullguard Antivirus program and Vista

  Samuel Gee 15:00 13 Apr 07

Hi,I am running Vista Premium and Bullguard 7 program.I know that at present there is no driver for the Firewall part of Bullguard,I am promised this will be released soon.What is a bit annoying is that I am unable to view my photo backups or any other if it comes down to it.The panel opens with a fault code.I am told that it's because I am not using a"Webfolders" program which would enable me to view the backups has any one had a similar problem ? Bullguard so far have been unable to help.Th fault code is

  Technotiger 17:30 13 Apr 07

Hi, I would advise you to try AVG Free instead of Bullguard.

  Samuel Gee 11:43 14 Apr 07

Yes you are no doubt right .I have tried ALL the rest paid and free,you get what you pay for or don't as the case may be but even without the couple of bells an whistles I consider the Bullguard to be the best I have ever tried.Its slick well presented and dependable.I just thought that if anyone had ironed out the odd quirk of the program whilst running Vista I could put it right without having to wait for the big companies to get their acts together.I think I must follow the computer users trait of being impatient.

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