Built in BOOT sector virus !

  Indigo 1 11:40 27 Mar 04

My friends new PC arrived yesterday and she asked me to check it out for her and set it up.

I was checking through the BIOS settings to make sure everything was as it should be when I came across the option of "BOOT sector virus detection" and found it was "Disabled" so I enabled it. When the PC was re-booted a warning came up that a "BOOT sector virus had been detected !" and gave a reference to a site which can remove it for you...for a fee !

I am not sure as to how this may have come about but when I get the chance I will try to find out how it got there and why it was there and also why the Boot sector virus detection was disabled.

Just thought it was worth bringing to your attention that even new PC's straight out of the box are not always as clean as they should be.

  Paranoid Android 12:44 27 Mar 04

Some BIOSes report writes to the MBR as 'Virus Like Activity' even though no virus is present. Was a specific virus mentioned ? If not, it may be a flase trigger.


Not too sure on this one but the very act of switching the "Boot sector virus checker" to enabled will write to the boot sector(?) consequently it will be reported as a virus.

If it was a virus then the damage would have been well and truly done by now. Personally I would not be concerned as it is a new system

With regards the why it was disabled, this is quite often the case as many programmes on installation write an element to the boot sector.

  leo49 13:13 27 Mar 04

One of the first things I do when setting up a new PC is to disable the boot virus detector if enabled by default as 99% of so-called detections are false alarms guaranteed to freak out anyone unfamiliar with PCs and a nuisance when interfering with a lot of essential software.

  anon1 14:01 27 Mar 04

leo that is probably the very reason it comes disabled as standard.

  leo49 14:05 27 Mar 04

Well obviously.....

  Smiler 15:33 27 Mar 04

I think Indigo 1 should disable the "BOOT sector virus detection" then install a full virus checker such as AVG 6, run a test with this and see what comes up. This will automatically check the boot section on restart anyway.

  Indigo 1 17:38 27 Mar 04

Okey dokey got the message.

Thanks folks, just me being paranoid again.

Thank goodness for this forum.


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