Buildinga PC - what about a floppy drive?

  Marky_Bhoy 19:42 12 Feb 04

I am going to bulid another PC for myself as part of my home network.

Do I need to bother buying a floppy drive for it?

I have never used the floppy drive on my current PC and I do not foresee any reason to get one for my new PC.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:47 12 Feb 04

Leave it out then... it will save you a fiver or so. A USB 64mb has been my replacement for a floppy for a long time.

  AubreyS 19:47 12 Feb 04

Sounds like you've answered your own question. However, sod's law, if you don't install it, you will need it. For the cost of a floppy, I'd put one in.... just in case.

  BeForU 19:48 12 Feb 04

It may seem quite useless now but it is actually very handy at times. For example if you cannot boot into the O/S at start-up, then a bootdisk floopy can come in handy. Although now you can boot from your CD drive, just think of what will happen if it doesnt work from there so your left with one option which is the floopy. It can also be useful for backing up things like your BIOS for instance should you wish to flash upgrade it and something goes wrong.

  Marky_Bhoy 19:52 12 Feb 04

For the sake of a fiver - I think I'll will just stick one in.

I suppose it gives me another option to boot up the PC if things go wrong.


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