Building a PC - power cords mixed up...

  MJC8917 10 Aug 12

Hi guys,

I've built my pc now and I've installed all of the components. But I did the very foolish thing of unpacking the power cables for my PSU and monitor, and now I'm having trouble seeing which is which.

I've looked underneath what I think is the psu(Corsair TX750) plug and the fuse says "13A". I had a look at the one I think is the monitor(Asus PA238Q) and that says "13A" too!

The only difference I can spot between them is that on one of them it says "SP-62" on the plug head, and on the other it says "SP-60", whatever that means. There also seems to be a number on the plug head too in a circle which says 12, whereas on the other it says 9.

What do you guys think? Do you think I'd be safe to use these cables as they are?

Thanks in advance!

  KRONOS the First 10 Aug 12

Are you talking about this type of cable? Kettle cable. If so I have a bag full of them and if I need one I just plug one in. I suppose you could check the fuse in the plug end but other than that you should be fine.

  MJC8917 10 Aug 12

Thanks Chronus!

Yeah that's exactly it, with three pins in the socket.

Phew! Thanks for your help :D

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Aug 12

Yes either cable will work however it is annoying when they come with a 13a fuse.

The fuse is there to protect the equipment and a monitor will not be protected by a 13A fuse as it draws very little power, I doubt if you PC needs a 13A fuse either.

What is the PSU power rating? i.e. 750W = volts x Amps

amps = w/v = 750/220 = 3.4 amps therefore fit a 5 amp fuse.

  rdave13 10 Aug 12

*Fruit Bat /\0/* I'll have to check on those fuses. Never even thought about it.


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