Building a PC

  chaztait 19:47 10 Jul 07

Hey i want to build a it looks easy, and cheaper.

Ive found a few websites for parts.

click here

i dont know what the differance is between petium and AMD except AMD is cheaper....and wondering y?

Anyone know a good cheap website for parts?

  pk46 19:58 10 Jul 07

Take a little advice from an old timer if you don't know what your doing building computers DON'T it will cost you money if you get it wrong.
AMD and Pentium is a matter of choice in my view AMD is better it is up to you.

  chaztait 20:10 10 Jul 07

how can you get it wrong?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:11 10 Jul 07

It is not cheaper..guaranteed.


  pk46 20:23 10 Jul 07

Building a computer is not just about going online or what ever and picking this and that and putting in a flash case these parts have to work together a MOBO is not easy to set up for starters
it is not like a plug and play device,but if you think you can do it good luck.

  howard64 20:26 10 Jul 07

I always build but I make sure before i order that all the parts will be compatable. I always cross my fingers when I first switch on if it works then normally everything will be alright. I have had a few that did not work first time but sorted the problem fairly quickly. Make sure that whoever you buy from has a good reputation for returns. Some are worse than useless and I will not use them. Amongst the best are Misco, Novatech and dabs.

  chaztait 20:28 10 Jul 07


i just found this website and they can do me a pc pritty cheap

click here

  octal 20:40 10 Jul 07

I've just recently bought one from here click here very pleased with it, they supplied without software for me because I use Linux. Delivered very quickly and the customer service was very good when I had cause to call them.

I could have built it, but to be honest it really wasn't worth it.

  Mac70 20:55 10 Jul 07

I did build a cheap one but to be honest, the performance isn't up to much and it looks crap.

Before I did it though Id already studied my A+ guide and still had a couple of teething problems, including finding out Id been sent a dead mobo.

  Billp64 21:54 10 Jul 07

I used to build but today it costs more than ready built. Which ever way you go they are out of date very quickly. Get one for the type of use you intend.

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