building new pc - but lost touch - please advise

  ©®@$? 21:52 24 Jan 07

Hi all, very long time since i have been on these forums

i am finally going to build myself a new pc, one problem is that i have lost touch in the latest technology

give me the bits and i will get it running, but which bits do i buy?

i have a budget of £400 ish

the pc would not be used for gaming, so i can cut costs a little by just having a cheap ish graphics card pci-e which has a dvi and tv out, thats all i need

i would like a fast cpu and memory and plenty of storage space

not sure which to go for intel or amd, i have only ever built amd machines, but people are telling me i should be looking at intels dual cores?

things i need are

case + psu
motherboard - on board sound will do
cpu + cooler
graphics card with dvi + tv out

i think thats it

any advise would be great


  woodchip 21:57 24 Jan 07

To get you started

click here

or this

click here

first would be better

  Strawballs 22:01 24 Jan 07

You could go for a barebones to get you started then just add the rest click here

  Stuartli 22:05 24 Jan 07

..or have a look at the offers at this excellent outlet:

click here

  techmob 22:08 24 Jan 07

@ woodchip

thanks but my computer is better than them already, i am looking for something more powerful

@ Strawballs cheers i will have a further look

@ Stuartli, cheers will have a look

i am looking for people who can recommend which components not where to get them


  techmob 22:09 24 Jan 07

p.s i changed my name to techmob

  ed-0 23:06 24 Jan 07

£119 click here core 2 duo

£54 click here and
click here

£40 click here

£63 click here

£48 click here

£75 click here

total £399.

  techmob 23:23 24 Jan 07

thanks ed-0

will take a look

appreciate the time you took to dig those links out

will check them now

  ed-0 07:01 25 Jan 07

No problem, 10 minute job;-)

Hope they are of some help.

  keef66 09:49 25 Jan 07

click here

Have a read of this. The new E4300 budget Core 2 Duo processor from Intel, UK stock expected in a week or so.

You could have cheap and very fast if you're prepared to overclock it a bit.

Prior to that I'd have suggested the E6600, but that will stretch your budget a bit.

  techmob 16:41 25 Jan 07

@ keef66

cheers, it seems ebuyer already has this in stock

and certainly looks like a good chip

i am deffo going for a dual core cpu.. just not sure which one yet

not much price diff between the E6300 and the E4300

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