Building new pc

  David-262513 09:33 14 Jun 03

My Dell Dimensin T500 is funcioning but 'tired' - especially with two younger users. Dell offer nothing in the way of upgrades and I am thinking about building a new one.
Inclined to use Intel P4.
Any advice on processor/motherboard matchup?

  eskimo 10:32 14 Jun 03

Why a P4 why not try the combo below, cheaper and just as fast.
Athlon XP2400+ CPU & MSi KT4 V-L Motherboard

  professor 12:51 14 Jun 03

Athlon XP 2400+
gigabyte GA-7VAXP
blistering performance with a whole hord of features like onboard hardware 6channel audio 4xusb2.0 2xusb1.1 takes up to DDR400 and over XP3200+ etc. will cost about £250ish for 512mb PC2700,the mainboard and XP2400+


  pj123 12:52 14 Jun 03

Why DIY? Get one of ours, go to click here. We can build them cheaper than you.

  barrie_g 13:41 14 Jun 03

Sorry if I dont share your view, its quite easy to build a system for what you have qoutes for on the web site, I built one myself at the beginning of the year, P4 2.53, 512mb pc2700 ram, geforce ti4200, cd rewriter, dvd rom, aluminium case with front usb etc. for £840 and this included windows xp oem.

  -pops- 14:03 14 Jun 03

Your link and expression "Why DIY? Get one of ours" is tantamount to advertising your own business. Is this playing fair and in agreement with the philosophy of the forum?


  pj123 16:16 14 Jun 03

-pops- I apologise if my response offended. I would be quite happy if the FE decided to delete the response.

  caast ©? 16:27 14 Jun 03

pj123, tdoff is right its not really fair to ply fair business in the forum but understand you were probably just trying to help. A lot of people have websites and business's in the forum and restrain from adding url's to them.

However just posting this to check my user name appears to have changed want to check this out before posting a new thread.

  David-262513 17:57 14 Jun 03

thanks to all so far and the suggestion from 'prof' is one I have looked at very seriously.
Why do I feel i should take the more expensive intel option?
I certainly don't have the money to spare!
In very simple terms, what does P4 offer that XP doesn't?

  goonerbill 19:06 14 Jun 03

if ya go the way of prof's suggestion, ga-7vaxp mobo, 512mb pc2700 mem but amd 2500+ cpu all for £215 including delivery click here

or look at this site for best prices on all pc components click here

  clayton 19:42 14 Jun 03

Asus A7V8X-X Audio / DDR400 / USB 2.0 / 8X AGP / 333 FSB / LAN £49.93

AMD Athlon XP PR2500+ 333FSB Barton Includes Cooler £72.19

512MB DDR PC2700 ? CL=2.5 ? Unbuffered ? Non-parity ? Crucial memory £50.51

Total £172.63 you will have to add postage for the mobo & processor, Memory delivery is free from crucial

click here

click here

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