Building New Comp, motherboard, chip etc advice

  shazza65 21:12 20 Apr 07

I am going to have a new computer built and would like some advice on the following items.

I really like the Lian Li cases and can't decide on the PC-7 plus of the more expensive PC-60, anybody have one and could let me know what they are like?

I am stuck on what motherboard to get, I definately want to go with a AMD dual core chip (not sure what speed). I would prefer the board to have on-board graphics as I mostly use the computer to surf the internet and do not play computer games. I don't want to get any old cheap one, would prefer something that has a bit of spead and although I don't intend to go the VISTA route yet, would like to be able to install sometime in the future. I will be getting 2 x 1G of Kingston RAM as well.

If anyone has any ideas, your assistance would be much appreciated.


  skidzy 21:22 20 Apr 07

Something for you to look at click here

You mention you know the ram you will use,however if you have not got your mobo are not going to know if the ram is compatible.

I would go for a tried and tested bundle,and Novatech are very good.

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