Building my own website - would like to know about copyright

  resolute 14 Oct 13

I posted months ago and you are all very helpful and knowlegeable.

So I would like to ask another question.

I want to make my website very visual with lots of eyecatching images. I have googled free image data bases and it doses bring up lots of image data bases which you can use for free.

Do you think it is okay just to go ahead and use these images on my website or do you think I should still check with the image data base and get their written permision to use their images to make sure I cover myself legally despite it saying their images are free to use?

Have any of you out there used free images before on your own websites?


  Forum Editor 17 Oct 13

If a site publishes images that are copyright-free you may use them as you wish - there's no need to contact anyone for written permission. If you want to make absolutely sure, keep a record of the url of the site from which you download, and the date on which you obtained the images.

  TV-Repairman 18 Oct 13

Before you do anything, Google: Getty images letter.

  resolute 24 Oct 13

Thankyou very much both to the forum editor and tv repairman.

I will definitely google the getty images letter.

  Forum Editor 25 Oct 13

One of my daughters worked for Getty images for a time, and she told me how vigilant they have to be in combatting copyright theft - people use their images without consent, and without paying a copyright fee.

Image banks make their money by attracting professional photographers, who in turn make money from Getty image sales. If people use the images without paying they are in effect depriving people of their income.

Use copyright-free images (of which there are millions available online) and you'll be fine.


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