Building a MATX PC.

  Guns121 13 Nov 11

I'm building a Micro ATX computer for my mother so i'm not going to waste money on getting high specs for it but what i need help on is what OS i need to use and what power PSU to use. some advise on components to use wouldn't go amiss thanks. this is the bundle i'm thinking of getting

  gengiscant 14 Nov 11

Would be helpful to have an idea of your overall budget, if you are seeking a m-atx case then buying one with a power supply will solve that problem. I would also suggest an extra GB of RAM and use Windows 7 as your operating system. A wireless keyboard/mouse or controller makes sense with a m- atx which I am assuming you will connect to the TV and use that as your monitor. You would also needs wireless card or Ethernet cable to access the internet.

Please post budget and I will spec up a system for you.

  Guns121 14 Nov 11

about £160 is the budget and your right in assuming that i am using the TV as a monitor. My router is just below my TV so a wireless card isn't needed. My mam mainly just uses the internet websites like Facebook.

  gengiscant 14 Nov 11

Thanks for the info, I'm on the iPad at the moment but will get back to you later with a spec. I had intending knocking up a m-atx rig myself recently so I have a reasonable spec on my PC ,I'll tweak it to suit your budget, but if you are going to be buying Windows 7 that will take a healthy chunk of your budget away. £160 is fine for parts but not with OS.

  Guns121 15 Nov 11

I already have to OS so the budgets is for parts only.

  gengiscant 16 Nov 11

The parts you have linked to will do,not my choice I must admit but I think £160 is just a tad low. But if as you say your mum just needs internet access then fine.You would definitely need to add another 1GB RAM get a case with PSU, something like these M-ATX Case add a hard-drive of your choice an optical drive and you are good to go.


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