Building a gaming pc

  Willbv 26 Oct 11

Hi, I know some basic background things on computers but when it gets more detailed I get a bit lost so I want to get some help on building a computer.

i5-2300 Quad Core Processor

MSI GeForce GTX 460

6gb ddr3 1333mhz ram

1tb SATA-II 7200rpm

killer 2100 card

Sound Blaster X Fi Titanium PCIe

This is what i have so far and would like some help with this please

  gengiscant 26 Oct 11

First things first,what is your budget? Will your build need to include an operating system? Will you need a monitor?

In my opinion it is wiser to have 2 separate 500GB hard-drives as opposed to 1 x 1 TB drive in case your main drive fails which could result in the loss of all your files, whereas with the 2 drives 1 can backmup the other. A soundcard is not really necessary as motherboard onboard sound is pretty good these days.The Killer 2100 card is also not really necessary, have look at this respected review site. Killer 2100 If you post answers to the above questions you will be able to get the advice you are looking for.

  Willbv 26 Oct 11

okay, thanks for helping,my budget is less than £800 ideally but may be able to stretch it a bit. I will need an operating system yes but I dont need a monitor.

  gengiscant 26 Oct 11

Have a look at this: Specs Add in a couple of these hard-drives: HDD's and you are good to go. Not forgetting a tube of thermal paste. This is only a suggestion it most certainly can be tweaked. Different case,graphics card etc.

You will also notice I have not included an audio card or the Killer card as I do not think they are necessary but in the end it is your choice.


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