Building First Mid-Range gaming PC ADVICE PLEASE

  ohmygoodnessme1 19:01 06 Sep 13

I am building my first PC and have very little idea of what i am doing. I have a £500 budget but I am willing to pay up to ~£100 over budget if this will significantly improve specs. I have heard that it is best to put more money into the motherboard, CPU, RAM and the graphics card, but if i can get a Graphics card which is designed to work with a specific CPU for a reasonable price this would be preferable. CPU would ideally be 64-bit quad core. The stated budget does not necessarily include peripherals such as the monitor, keyboard etc.

  nickf 11:44 07 Sep 13

This is an example of what you could get . click here I would personally advise saving a little longer , you will be able to get a much better spec . Its only my opinion , but I think £800 is a sensible budget for a machine that will do todays modern games justice . Good luck .

  mart7 12:19 07 Sep 13

No operating system with this one but in budget with a good graphics card,not sure on the AMD chip how it compares to the i3

click here

  ohmygoodnessme1 16:01 08 Sep 13

Just to clarify my main games will probably be things like skyrim, heavily modded minecraft, garry's mod and guns of icarus. They dont need to run at full graphics obviously, but it would be nice to be able to make use of most of the graphical features. I also plan to upgrade in future, so i would rather get a £500-600 PC up and running and upgrade as i go along. Thanks for the advice and suggestions.

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