Builders - ever had that sinking feeling?

  wotbus@ 11:18 07 Dec 06

Just closed the cover on an old PC - a 2nd one if anyone is following my other threads ;-), and there on the workmat is a jumper! You know, the dinky plastic thingy often spotted on the pins of HDD and mobo! If that wasn't enough, the long white plastic PX plug to the mobo was in fact 2 side by side. You guessed it, they will go back either way and they moved before I noted which?.
Not the end of the world, but:
Can anyone help me with documentation for this mobo:- Elpina BA E-V0. I have already googled a lot and it seems I am not alone. Seems it was manufactured by PC Chips. It is possible, just possible, a forum member here is running one and has the manual :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 07 Dec 06

Intel P3?


No mention of that board on the PC chips site click here

Any more numbers on the board?

  wotbus@ 12:47 07 Dec 06

Intel P3, on one corner of board V3.2.
I followed lots of links after googling "elpina motherboard", and gleaned that bit of info from there.

  wotbus@ 10:22 11 Dec 06

Unresolved - project scrapped.

  xania 12:04 11 Dec 06

If the whole thing is going to the scrap heap, why not first give it a try. Take every thing off the motherboard that you don't need -and just leave on one DIMM and your graphics card. Toss a coin if you like, nbut just try one way round and see what happens. If it fires up - you win - if not, you may have dameaged you mobo, but you may not. Try the other and see what happens. Worst case you're back where you started - best case, you have a PC up and running. Then you can worry about that lose jumper.

  Gongoozler 12:19 11 Dec 06

Go to this site click here, download the file m572v12.exe to a temporary folder. Double click to run the file which extracts as M562V12.PDF which hopefully is something like the manual for the motherboard you have.

  Input Overload 16:06 11 Dec 06

<the long white plastic PX plug to the mobo was in fact 2 side by side. You guessed it, they will go back either way>

Both blacks to the middle.

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