bugs eating up the screen - virus?

  kjrider 23:54 25 May 08

Hi there

Sorry if this is a bit vague.

I had a phone call from my brother, who after browsing the net ended up with some kind of virus that has bugs eating up his screen, but they disappear when the mouse is moved.

As he is 100 miles away, I can't go round and have a look and he is not very PC savvy.

Anyone come across this?


  pete-290318 00:06 26 May 08

This is probably a screensaver.

I've seen one similar.

Tell him to check his display settings. He's probably clicked a link that has set it as his screensaver

  ton 00:06 26 May 08

It is a screensaver, but it may be in conjunction with a virus.

  Stuartli 00:08 26 May 08


click here

Does he have AV and malware applications installed?

  rossgolf 00:13 26 May 08

click here

give him this link. got all the software he needs to get rid of it if it is a virus

  anniesboy 10:43 26 May 08

Is this of help.
click here

  Technotiger 11:23 26 May 08

Brilliant, having laughed so much for ages :-))

  jack 12:19 26 May 08

In Atari/Amiga days when software came to you on floppies there was usually a little something 'Extra'
Loud gunshots and bullet holes appearing in the screen was one.
A distant siren sound getting loader and a police car races across the screen.
The top taskbar would turn upside down
Oh so many more and the relevant software- a graphics program perhaps or a word processor and all on a single 1.4Mb floppy too

How did they do it?

  audeal 13:24 26 May 08

jack: You ask "How did they do it"

The answer is quite simple, they used "Machine Code" in those days which is the original computer language, It takes up a fraction of the space that a modern program uses today. The use of the modern programing languages uses much more space than the old Machine Code did.

Take a look at the new "Vista", for example. It uses a massive 15gig of disk space. That is a lot of space for an Operating System.

Now, If this Operating System was programed using the original Machine Code I suspect the whole Operating System would take up no more that 1gig of space. I believe it would also run much faster than it does now.

Does anybody have an opinion on what I have said?

  carmichy 13:45 26 May 08

Audeal has hit the virus on the head Y wish I had stayed with DOS but Windows came out at DOS 3.0

  crosstrainer 13:53 26 May 08

Can get trapped in Lcd display's. This one sounds more like a screensaver / virus though.

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