Bug Doctor

  JKAM 23:09 08 Dec 05

The above will check for 'bugs' on your computer and fix them, but you have to pay an enormous amount of money for the service. Does anybody know of any cheaper options?

  Dan the Doctus 23:13 08 Dec 05

Ignore it, Ccleaner is much better and free click here

  GaT7 23:13 08 Dec 05

If there's nothing wrong with your PC, I would suggest leave it as it is - if it ain't broke...

If you're having problems, post them here & we'll try to help. G

  JKAM 23:21 08 Dec 05

It's just that Bug Doctor has identified about 300 'bugs' on my computer, which is a bit worrying, but it runs OK. I was wondering if it would run a bit faster 'bug free' as it tends to be a bit slow with the occasional problem that is notified to Microsoft.

  Dan the Doctus 23:26 08 Dec 05

They aren't actually 'bugs', they're invalid registry entries. Ccleaner will remove them.

  Dan the Doctus 23:35 08 Dec 05

Alternatively, you could use Regseeker click here and CleanUp! click here which is my preference. These will remove invalid registry entries and unnecessary files, as will Ccleaner.

Remember that with any registry cleaner you need to run them until no more invalid entries are found (usually once or twice).

  GaT7 00:02 09 Dec 05

Prior to using any registry cleaner, I would recommend backing up your registry or creating a System Restore point (if using WinXP).

If you're using WinXP there are many tips/guides that can help to 'speed' it up:

* click here
* click here
* click here
* click here
* click here
* click here


  JKAM 20:40 10 Dec 05

Problem solved, thank you all.

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