+++ Buffalo 500gb external USB drive ++

  pcdimwit 14:44 02 Nov 10

I have just got a Buffalo 500gb external hard drive, it has installed perfectly on my windows XP laptop, however when I try and install it on my other laptop with Windows vista, it starts that "device driver install" icon in the system tray but when I click on "my computer" from the start menu I cant find the drive!! - the funny thing is that it DOES appear when I go into the "start" menu and then "control panel" and "system" and then in the "device manager" I can find the Buffalo USB drive called "HD-PVU2" BUT it wont show in the drives on "my computer" and its not possible to transfer data to the drive, any suggestions anyone??? thanks PCDIMWIT

  Nontek 15:28 02 Nov 10

Go to 'My Computer' and select Manage, then click on 'Disk Management' - right click the drive then choose Format. It should then show ok.

  pcdimwit 15:39 02 Nov 10

on this Vista computer I go into "computer" but cant find "manage" anywhere??? if I go into the device manager and click on "disk drives" it shows my USB sticks and the Buffalo drive, then if I right click it brings up the "install driver updates" "uninstall" "scan for changes..." and then "properties" in the properties it shows that "device is working properly" and there are a few tabs along the top for "general, policies, volums, driver & details" but even though it shows the buffalo driver is working it wont show the drive in along with the C & D and other USB drives in "computer" - PCDIMWIT

  Nontek 15:58 02 Nov 10

Sorry I was thinking XP still, not so familiar with Vista, but the solution I am sure is very similar. Needs someone who uses Vista - Good luck, pretty sure you will get it sorted soon.

The drive needs Formatting before it will show in My Computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 02 Nov 10

Various fixes

In VISTA machine
Control Panel, Device Manager, and double-clicked on Disk Drives. If drive appears on the list double-clicked on it click on the Volumes tab, and then clicked the Populate button.
See if it then appears in My computer

Format the drive allocate a drive letter and also make it "active" it may then appear when ttached to the Vista machine.

  pcdimwit 17:36 02 Nov 10

have done that, it brings up the buffalo drive in the device manager and when I go into "populate" it shows its as a 470gb drive, and I click on OK but it still wont appear in the "computer" with the other drives, very weird!! PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 07:45 03 Nov 10

I'm not sure, will have to check on that, I think this could also be something to do with the "file associations" as well, because if I try and open an attachment in an e-mail instead of opening say a photoor document it will open my entire photo's folder, I hate these Vista computers!!!! XP is wonderful NEVER a problem in XP compared to this Vista OS. will get back on this, PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 14:09 03 Nov 10

it says in the control panel on "system" that its a 32 bit operating system on Windows Vista home basic, service pack 2, but I think it is also a 32 bit system on my Windows XP laptop which recognized the drive and set it up immediately with the wizard and all that sort of thing

  pcdimwit 22:58 03 Nov 10

Hi, its a windows 32 bit OS, It says in the "volumes" when I find the drive in device manager that there is a driver location but it isnt the same as the ones that show on the Buffalo link, do you think I should copy what it says in the Buffalo link about the usbstor.inf drive location and how would I "copy" it to the C drive?? Oh this is so complicated!! I am away tomorrow but have another Vista OS computer to use this buffalo drive to use with so I hope I dont have all this trouble again. Thanks PCDIMWIT

  BRYNIT 23:02 03 Nov 10

In disk Management did you remember to assign a drive letter to the drive.

  pcdimwit 23:14 03 Nov 10

I dont know how to do that?? when I plug the drive into the Vista computer it is "there" in the device manager but there is no way of finding it anywhere else, so what do I have to do to assign a drive letter to the drive?? It shows as F drive automatically on my XP computer. PCDIMWIT

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