Budjet Graphics Card Best Buy

  thicasabrick 19:38 26 Jun 06

Hi all, I have a maximum £75 to spend on a new or second hand graphics card, (I know this isn't much but it's all I can afford) Can anyone recommend the best buy and were I can get it from for this price. Thanks in advance for any comments.

  Diversion 20:48 26 Jun 06

Hover your cursor over Products click here

  DieSse 20:59 26 Jun 06

click here

Respectable budget card - with all the right outputs - and best of all no fan - so quiet and nothing to fail. And only £50

  keef66 23:16 26 Jun 06

6600GT from any of the reputable manufacturers (MSI, Leadtek, Gainward, etc)

  Strawballs 00:52 27 Jun 06

assuming that you have AGP and not PCI/E I would go along with DieSse

  thicasabrick 21:16 27 Jun 06

Thanks for your advice

  thicasabrick 21:27 27 Jun 06

keef66 can you give me a little bit more info on this card (who makes it for example) so I can do a search on it to find who's selling it the cheapest. Thanks

  keef66 23:14 27 Jun 06

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look at the 6600gt cards from Ebuyer for instance. PCI-e cards tend to be cheaper than AGP, but I'm assuming your mobo has an AGP slot (not sure why)

I settled for the Gainward plain vanilla 6600 card for £60 from Ebuyer, but for the extra £15-25 a 6600GT would be a much better gaming card.

Also check out 6600GT cards from Komplett, Scan and Savastore. These retailers I've found to be cheapest
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  DieSse 23:45 27 Jun 06

Just a last word - don't overspend on a graphics card unless your system is good enough to take advantage of it.

You can get the best graphics card going, but if you don't have a fast processor, or plenty of system RAM - then your games will be limited by them - not the graphics card.

6600 cards are good cards, if your system can take advantage of them.

  keef66 08:47 28 Jun 06

Good point. I have a socket A mobo, Athlon XP 2100+ and 1GB DDR ram @ 133mhz, and consensus from gamers on various forums was that a 6600 vanilla was probably the best card to go for. I'm only a casual gamer playing titles that are 1-2 yrs old and hence cheap to buy, and I couldn't justify spending more than £60 on an ageing agp system.
Next upgrade is a new pc

  kiddgame2000 08:52 28 Jun 06

Definatly a 6600GT

I have one and i play F.E.A.R with it with a lot of the settings turned up quite high, it looks amazing. Brilliant card for the money.

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