Btyvoyager 2091

  Trooperski 21:52 10 Dec 06

Can anyone help me here i have having issues downloading with this little beauty !! sarcassim i know but effectivly this router by bt restricts what i access which is desparately unfair ..i have tried to change the firmware to no avail even though it voids the warrenty.

The best solution would maybe be to buy a new router but i thought i ask for a bit of help first

  Dipso 21:58 10 Dec 06

How do you mean restricts, does it prevent you from accessing certain sites?

  Dipso 22:05 10 Dec 06

Been having a dig around...if you mean unlocking it for use with a different ISP click here

  Trooperski 22:17 10 Dec 06

yes , cheers man and i have tried this already and get this message "The firmware update is failed. The selected file contains an illegal image. "

  Dipso 22:32 10 Dec 06

Grasping at straws but have you tried re-downloading the firmware just in case it didn't download correctly.

Most people seem to have used that method successfully so I don't see why it wouldn't work for you...sorry can't be more help.

  Trooperski 22:41 10 Dec 06

yes indeed nor me but it doesnt and i get the same message every time ! I have just got this thing so i think i may just take it back !

  rodriguez 23:18 10 Dec 06

If you bought this router seperatly it won't be locked to BT so you don't need to update the firmware (in fact if it's a retail one, trying to update it with the hacked BT firmware will fail because it's designed for routers sent by BT not ones bought seperatly). If you take it back and swap it for another make and model of router, you'll need your logon username and password. To get this, click here to get the config page up (if it asks for a username and password, they're both admin) then press disconnect. This will cut off your Internet connection and your username should be filled in. It will be something like [email protected] and the password should be blank (because there isn't a password). Write this down and press Connect to reconnect to the Internet. When you get your new router and it asks for the username and password to connect you to the broadband service, enter in the information you wrote down and it should connect.

  Trooperski 07:48 11 Dec 06

Thanks right thats helpful news but the fact still reamins that im not able to downloads files torrents etc , is there a remedy for that !?

  Dipso 13:44 11 Dec 06

Is it not your ISP that's restricting your downloads?

  Trooperski 14:14 11 Dec 06

definately not i have had no issues up until last week when i got this router in downloading via torrent sites .I used to have a usb modem .

  Dipso 14:26 11 Dec 06

Let's get this straight...getting the router to work with your ISP isn't the issue, it's downloading torrents with it?

I wonder if this is a MTU/tweaking issue. Can you find the current MTU value from the routers interface.

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