Btyahoo Browser Upgrade

  Bagsey 08:31 18 Jun 05

I remember reading recently that some people were having trouble with the btyahoo browser upgrade. Unfortunatly I have lost the reference to that thread. Can anyone point me in the right direction please and what was the problem. I would like to know as I am receiving the call to upgrade with some regularity.
Thanks for any pointers.

  ayrmail 11:12 18 Jun 05
  Bagsey 11:55 18 Jun 05

Thanks for trying. Unfortinately that link is more about a BB upgrade. The thread that I read was about a new Btyahoo Browser. I am not sure what the upgrade was supposed to do, or change, but there was a reported fault in it. I have carelessly lost the thread it was in.

  p;3 15:55 18 Jun 05

cannot find it; however; if you wish to keep tabs on any thread"s discussions, you can do so by adding it to your My Postings by just adding a ^^ or the word my postings or sumunt to the thread and press post response ; then you have saved in your lists:)

  p;3 16:10 18 Jun 05

forgot to ask; how long ago did you see the thread as if too many days old will be off the forum "s 10 pages by now:)depending on how busy the forum gets as to how many days" worth on here; maybe about three or four days worth perhaps if it is quiet; or only two day"s worth if it is very busy with new queries:):)

can always use the my postings method, then you can get straight to the thread easily even when it is several weeks or even months old:))

  Bagsey 18:10 18 Jun 05

Thanks for your efforts. It was only a couple of days ago but I was called away and forgot to mark the thread. Ah well never mind I cant see any reason for wanting to upgrade my browser anyway. Cheers All

  iarno 15:14 19 Jun 05

if your still interested on the front page click on 'more' in top right hand corner.
All upgrades are there. You choose what you want.

Cheers I.

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