BTYahoo account hacking

  Ex.Airways 23:32 19 May 13

My BT Yahoo Account has been hacked twicw in the last 10 days, First time my address book ws taken and most people on my address book received an e-mail saying I had been mugged abroad, please send money etc....BTYahoo sorted the problem and when finished restoring account Said my Account was safe with BTYahoo. then last Friday my account was hacked again, this time I could not sign in saying my password was incorrect when i went to password help I was told my personal detail answers were incorrect on phoning BTYahoo again they said my account had been hacked and the hacker had changed my password and personal details. BTYahoo sorted it again and said stay with BTYahoo your account is safe with them......What is happening at Yahoo? Is my account safe with them?

  wee eddie 03:57 20 May 13

I think that you will need to re-think your password policy, it would appear that 'they' were able to guess it.

  Taff™ 06:48 20 May 13

Avoid just dictionary words, names and numbers. Use wild card symbols such as @ for a, $ for s, zero for o's etc. Make it at least 8 characters, preferably more with both upper and lower case.

For example a simple phrase turned into a password:

1LoveAstonVilla - pretty strong in itself with a number, upper and lower case. It now becomes even stronger using the above:


  onthelimit1 08:56 20 May 13

It was suggested to me to choose a favourite song, then use the first letters of each word. Throw in a couple of numbers, and you have a pretty good password.

  michaelw 13:31 20 May 13

My secure Yahoo account was hacked, albeit with a strong password. It was done via a phone in Egypt, then a phone in Turkey. The hackers probably use a software program to decypher which skips through 10,000s of variables. Both BT and Yahoo have been targeted, both of which aren't entirely secure.

I've changed to Gmail which is more secure.

  lotvic 14:08 20 May 13

I agree with michaelw, it seems as if the hash lists have been stolen/leaked from btyahoo and are being used by hackers using software to decipher the hashes into passwords.

  Snrub 15:16 20 May 13

Yes, it's the second time my BTYahoo Mail account has been hacked. Changed the password first time as Yahoo recommended but its happened again 3 months later. They steal your contacts and send emails to your contacts first time. They sent me a message from one of my contacts second time with a file I opened thinking it was genuine and my antivirus picked up and sorted a Trojan. Channel 4 news had an article on it last week which says keyloggers are installed to track online bank accounts. Yahoo says to change password again. Doesn't inspire confidence!

  Taff™ 21:08 20 May 13

I only have 200 computer mates and in the last week, or 10 days maybe, 4 have been hacked. See my post earlier .... (Strong Passwords)

By the way - they have all been BT / Yahoo and they (BT) won't admit it's their problem and why should they? A [email protected] password , (See my post earlier again), is going to get hacked.

When I ask those people if they send or recirculate "chain mails" by the cc address they say yes! What do they expect? Nobody seems to understand what Bcc is!!!!!

Sorry rant over!

  Taff™ 21:56 20 May 13

Add another one in the last hour! Again at uk - apparrently his family have been mugged and held to ransom in Spain - No, not really! I know he is at a meeting 2 miles away in the UK.

  Snrub 22:14 20 May 13
  Taff™ 03:33 21 May 13

Snrub - Thanks for that link! Confirms what I thought from current experiences, Brilliant! I'm not paranoid after all and the password advice I gave in the earlier post is not in vain!

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