BTOpenworld to someone else? Who, How, When?

  GibsonSt19 16:31 06 Jan 04

Hi people, I've been with BTOW for over 12 months now and although I've not head any problems, and their Customer Support has been there when I needed them I'd now like to migrate to a faster provider such as Zen or Plusnet or Bulldog. Which of these would you recommend bearing in mind I need no port blocking, or capping or anything similar.

I'm happy to pay up to £39.99 per month and would of course like a 2mb connection with the above spec, however I feel I may need to settle with 1mb.

I'd rather not have a 12 month contract, however a 3 or 1 months obligation would be fine.

Also, I understand I need to obtain mty CHUK number from BT, but in what order do I do the rest to initiate migration to ensure I don't have any connection downtime?

Thanks lots

  Djohn 16:50 06 Jan 04

GibsonSt19, I'm with Zen and they are superb! just give customer services a call and they will arrange the migration for you. Downtime should be only 15 to 20 minutes while the BT engineer swaps you over at the exchange. click here

  GibsonSt19 17:34 06 Jan 04

By thinking I need my CHUK number from BT?

  Djohn 17:41 06 Jan 04

Yes, you will need your number from your present provider, I think it's called CPUK. They should give it to you with out any problems, but if they are not playing the game, then ask for a line check on your ASDL line. 48 hours later you should receive an email from them saying.

Line number xxxxxx has passed successfully. The X's are your number. ;o)

  Djohn 17:42 06 Jan 04


  GibsonSt19 17:44 06 Jan 04

Thanks a million my friend :)

  GibsonSt19 17:46 06 Jan 04


  Djohn 17:48 06 Jan 04

You normally only receive this number after you cancel your account.

[You do not want to cancel but migrate.]

If you cancel, you can't migrate. So the best way is to contact your new provider first and they will guide you through the correct process.

If your present provider agrees to migration then the new ISP will take care of everything for you. you just carry on using your present ISP until the day of changeover. j.

  Sir Radfordin 17:51 06 Jan 04

Agree with Djohn, ZEN are great and you get a fixed IP thrown in for good measure. Very quick efficient service, and only a 1 month contract.

  GibsonSt19 17:52 06 Jan 04

And is there any port blocking, or capping to be found, would you happen to know?

  Djohn 17:57 06 Jan 04

None that I'm aware of. They are also a very fast ISP, as the gamers among us are finding. My speed went up considerably from my previous ISP. :o)

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