BTinternet? Yahoo? GeoCities? Who?!

  CalicoJack 13:01 21 Oct 07

I've had a personal website running for over 12 years, click here~[]/
and have accessed it daily (via FTP) to update/edit etc.
3 weeks ago the site suddennly started returning a 500 "Internal Server Error", and I also found that I could no longer connected with my FTP program.
With a heavy heart I contacted BT Broadband - and after 3 separate remote-access sessions (each lasting over an hour) it was finally decided that the fault was - wait for it - an Internal Server Error.
They then passed me around umpteen BT departments, all of whom expressed surprise that they'd been involved, before deciding that it wasn't a BT issue at all - contact Yahoo Geocities!
I did - and guess what?
It's nothing to do with YG - it's the BT server error, and they don't have access.....
Back to BT.
"It's Yahoo Geocities...."
"No, it isn''s BT."
Ever seen "Groundhog Day"?!
Seeing neither party seems to have any clue what's going on, does ANYBODY out there know who operates the server concerned with the older sites, prefixed with click here~[}/ ?????

  CalicoJack 13:08 21 Oct 07

Ah...I've just re-read the above, to see that the actual site address has been masked....let me try it again, with spaces this time....

www. / ~ []/

  CalicoJack 19:26 21 Oct 07

No takers on this one?
The major problem I've got is that there's absolutely nothing any punter can do to sort this type of server problem - it can only be solved by the webhost.
There can't be many cases where even the webhost doesn't know they are the webhost!
What a ridiculous state of affairs.....

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